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Claiming the High C’s – Chapter 1 Questions 1 – 5

Posted by gshstudy on April 8, 2007

– 1) Commitment can mean many different things to different people.  What does it mean to you? 

Commitment is people moving toward the same goals and using the same sense of purpose of how to get there.   

2) Will a relationship die without a vision of commitment? Why or why not?

It will certainly make it an uphill battle without it.  I am sure there are a few examples out there of people making this work, but it really puts the odds against you. 

3) How do you achieve ballast or balance your marriage?  In your family?  How does one person take up slack for another and vice-versa?

Steph and I have a really good balance in our marriage.  We have managed to figure out quite a few areas were one of us is stronger and the other is weaker.  Money is a great example.  I stink at it.  Stephanie is great at it.  So it is something she takes care of and I help her to be accountable without messing it up:)  We still have areas that we are trying to find the right balance in and others we may never find it in, but that is the journey called “life”.

4) Do you think it would be easy for commitment between “compliant” and “dominant” personalities?

I would have to say that I don’t think commitment is easy period.  Regardless of the personalities involved, commitment is something people need to work at.  And it today’s society it is also something that needs to be guarded against carefully. 

5) Using these examples of Jesus name, what do they represent for me?

Lion of Judah – The King of Kings.   Lamb of God – Sacrifice.   Good Shepard – Bringing Focus.   Bridegroom – Hope.

For further information see Bill and Karen’s web site at and click on Claiming the High C’s.


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