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Reflecting on my journey in Christ

Man in the Mirror Chapter 6 Question 5 and 6

Posted by gshstudy on March 25, 2007

5) Read I Thessalonians 4:1, 7, 9-12.  What should be “more and more” the ambition of a genuine Christian? (See also Colossians 3:22 – 24.)

I love the way this was paraphrased in The Message.  We are to live a holy life but not “a dogged religious plod, but in a living, spirited dance”.  Often I think people believe the ambition of being Christian is being in the box or outside the box.  I believe it has more to do with our growing in a direction toward God.  Our “ambition” should be to live a life worthy of Him but we will also make many mistakes, fall down, trip and have trouble getting back up.

6) What area of your life have you not yet surrendered to Christ?  Are you the owner of your career or the “branch manager”?

I am not sure it is as black and white as “Have Surrendered or Not” but one of the area I am currently working on surrendering is my attitude toward accomplishing.  That is to say, at times I feel as though I can solve the problem alone and don’t need any help.  Another word would be Arrogance!  I carry around a stone to remind me what God has given me and that it’s not about me.  Maybe I will tell the longer version of the stone story some time.

I am definitely a branch manager at work though and as a writer.  I slip here and there with each and occasionally forget but that is usually when I fall flat on my face.  I am like the guy in the “Footprints” story and have to be carried. 


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