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Reflecting on my journey in Christ

Man in the Mirror Chapter 6 Question 3 and 4

Posted by gshstudy on February 15, 2007

3) Read Luke 14:33.  How do you think Jesus intends for us to implement this command in our lives?

I find it very clarifying to read this is in The Message.  I see it as a stewardship, rather than the view of run out and sell everything.  The intent is that we not cling to things, whether they are physical items or people, and except that we are God’s stewards of these and we should be taking care of them. 

 4) What is your ambition?  Will it survive your physical death?  Does it pass the Luke 14:33 test?

I have two ambitions that are tied together.  One ambition is to write and through my writing I hope to meet my other ambition which is to help people build a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.   I am not sure what form my writing will take.  Maybe poetry, books or magazine articles.  I leave that in God’s hands.  I am also not sure what will survive me.  I can also leave that in God’s hands.  I think it is more important to focus on building real relationships with people and being involved in their lives. 


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