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Reflecting on my journey in Christ

Claiming the High C’s – Introductory Chapter Questions 6 and 7

Posted by gshstudy on February 9, 2007

6) Have you ever felt like you were isolated on an island?  Was it your own choosing or were you shipwrecked?

I certainly have.  Far more frequently then I should too.  The reason I thinks is a combination of both my choosing and being shipwrecked.  Things come along that are just overwhelming and they shipwreck me to a certain point, but I can see a life raft of someone passing by and yet I refuse to get in or even acknowledge that they are their. 

7) Which part of Claiming the High C’s seems the most enticing to you?  Will you find the most enjoyment with The Ship, The Captain, The Banquet, The Smooth Sailing, The Stormy Seas or The Port?  How does it relate to your Christian faith?

The most enticing thing is that I know the Authors and can converse with them about any part of the book.  Seriously though, all the sections look interesting, but The Stormy Seas catches my eye right now.  Probably because things seem so stormy right now.  There seems to be a new storm front closing in just as soon as the last one has left.  The Port also looks real interesting to me.  I am certainly focused on the end goal.


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