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Reflecting on my journey in Christ

Man in the Mirror Chapter 6 Question 1 and 2

Posted by gshstudy on January 24, 2007

1) What is something that you do that really makes you “feel God’s pleasure”?  What work tasks give you a deep sense of personal satisfaction?

I like to be able to make a difference in peoples life, even if they never realize it was me.  In fact I would prefer it that way.  At work the taskI enjoy the most is heading off problems before they start.  By providing information, ideas or suggestions, if I can stop a problem from getting into our product, that is the most satisfying feeling I know.

2) Read Genesis 2:15, then Genesis 3:17.  Did you think work resulted from the fall of man?  Since it was the ground that was cursed and not work, how does this affect your view of work?

I did not think work came from the fall of man.  I am not sure were it came from but I think it has something to do with paying for your children:)  Seriously though, I have had some pretty terrible jobs over the last 25 years but I never felt an of the jobs were a curse.  I think the scripture refers more to the challenge of the work itself, which can often be stressful especially in this day.


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