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Man in the Mirror Chapter 5 Question 4 and 5

Posted by gshstudy on January 4, 2007

4) Read Proverbs 16:9, 19:21 and 21:30.  According to these verses, how is the outcome of our goals and plans determined?  How should this influence our thinking?

In the end it is God’s purpose for our lives that will unfold.  These also state that if our goals are counter what God has in store, then His will is going to win out over ours. 

However, this should influence us to keep God at the front of our thinking and bring Him with us constantly on our walk, we will be aware of His purpose and guided in the right direction.  If we put him first in our lives then everything else will fill in as it should.

5) Does failure to reach your goals make you angry at God?  Describe one major unmet goal.  Why do you think God didn’t grant your request?

Definitely NOT.  I might get a bit frustrated with myself or someone who is “to blame” for a goal not being met, but in the end I realize it might not be the right time or maybe I didn’t try hard enough but I don’t get angry at God for it.

For part II, there are several things I could write, but to be honest, I feel God might still have these as part of the plan and the right time or the best set of circumstances hasn’t occured yet.   And if they never happen, it is fine.  I can live with that.  They are after all for His glory and not mine. 


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