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Better Together – 40 Days of Community – Day 38 and Day 40

Posted by gshstudy on November 27, 2006

Day 38 – How high a priority is prayer in your group life?

Prayer is a high priority for not only group life but all aspects of life.  It should come first, last, or just whenever needed.  Having said that, I often don’t feel that I live up to that or that I am very good at prayer period.  My prayer life is frequently a struggle with distraction.  I sometimes feel that I am just as poor at staying touch with my friends as I am with staying in touch with God.

But, God has also brought me to some wonderful people (the members of the MCC prayer team) through which I have learned a tremendous amount about how to pray.  Below are just 2 of the many helpful ideas I have been given.

Pray is just like breathing:  Of all things I learned or read about prayer, this one has helped me the most.  This is really saying, “You don’t think about taking each breath you just do it, naturally.  Same thing with prayer.”  Prayer should be as natural as drawing a breath or talking to a close friend, because you are.  The next time you are talking to a friend, think about what it would be like to talk to them if you were worried about every word you said and what your conversations would then be like.

Understand God’s words: Just the same as we need to understand our earthly friends to have common ground on which to talk, we need to understand God to help us talk to him by reading God’s words (the Bible). The trap to avoid here is that this is not a requirement for talking to God, it just helps you to better understand who you are talking to.

Day 40 – When you worship, are you more concerned about what others think or what God thinks?

Interestingly, I can focus on what God thinks.  I often close my eyes so I don’t get distracted by the bright lights of the stage but I really feel connected to God and focused on him.  I sing horribly, so you would think I would be more concerned with the person in front of me turning around and begging me to stop.   But I forget for a short time that there is anyone else in the room, and at that moment of worship, all our voices lifted together in the same song to God.  It is by far, one of the more deeper moments of my week in my relationship with God.


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