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Better Together – 40 Days of Community – Day 28 and Day 31

Posted by gshstudy on November 18, 2006

Day 28 – If there’s someone you need to forgive, when are you going to do it?  If there is someone you’ve wronged, when are you going to ask for forgiveness?

Yes there is someone who qualifies for both as a matter of fact.  We have been pretty bad to each other lately.  I think it is through no fault of our own for the most part.  We are just stuck in the middle but on slightly different sides.  Still this person has been a friend for a long time and I nearly lost his friendship once.  So the key is to forgive and remember that relationships are a lot more important than results.

Day 31 – How attached are you to your possessions – do you own them or do they own you?

I own them, well most of them, some of them the bank technically still owns.  I take my laptop everywhere and my camera, but that is because as a writer I want to be able to get down ideas sometimes right on the spot or get pictures to remember later.  It probably sounds cliche as we get closer to Christmas but I really believe it is better to give than to receive.

 This was highlighted for me at a recent missions project I participated in were clothing, appliances and furniture were given to families in need.  I think we often take for granted the things we have and here were people who were thrilled to get a table to eat on or a living room chair to sit down on. This had a big impact on everyone who participated.


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