Reflections in Christ

Reflecting on my journey in Christ

Better Together – 40 Days of Community – Day 25 and Day 26

Posted by gshstudy on November 13, 2006

Day 25 – We wouldn’t hesitate to stop a friend from stepping into traffic.  Why are we hesitant to stop a friend from stepping into sin?

For me, I think it is because I want to make sure people have the freedom to choose their own direction.  People tend to feel like they are being told what to do and our society is always stressing the freedom of the individual.  I think we feel like people will be upset or offended if we point out something that could be bad for them.

Day 26 – In what ways and situations do you need to “practice playing second fiddle” this week?

My relationship with my kids is what I want to focus on for this week.  I am not real great at the touchy feely communication thing.  That is my wife’s strength.  I should really make it a point to understand were my kids are coming from on a given issue rather then just expecting them to do something because I said it.


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