Reflections in Christ

Reflecting on my journey in Christ

Better Together – 40 Days of Community – Day 16

Posted by gshstudy on November 4, 2006

Day 16 – If you were to ask one of your good friends what – or who – they think you are committed to, how do you think they would answer?

I think they would say I am committed to being Christian.  I am not sure our definitions of that would be the same though.  I think my friends see this as praying, going to church, being involved in church activities, spreading Gods word etc.  They see it as a to do list and some don’t want to be bothered.  Now, don’t get me wrong, because there is importance in each of those parts of Christian Life. 

But I think there is another step that is not as apparent – A deeper relationship with Christ.

I am not sure my friends understand this or think it is really relevant.  I have tried talking about it but it’s not an easy subject unless they are interested in hearing it.


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