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Alabaster Box Rocks New Hampshire in the Name of Jesus

Posted by gshstudy on October 28, 2006

     On July 29th and 30th, Manchester Christian Church and Grace Capital Church were both blessed by a concert from the band Alabaster Box.  They performed an evening concert and again at the worship service on Sunday morning for Grace Capital Church and then on Sunday night as a kick off event for the Manchester Christian Church teen youth group called Fusion.

     You could feel the electricity in the air at Manchester Christian Church at all of the excitement leading up to concert.  As Alabaster Box began to play, the kids, both young and old, rushed forward to crowd around the front of the stage.  The band rocked the crowd with their own songs and a couple of worship service favorites.

     They also took time to share a message of building relationships and being a generation that makes a difference in the name of Jesus.  God made us as individuals but also to be connected.  This idea is best summed up in the lyrics to their song Love on the Radio , “Wondering what this world is made of, the answer is living in love.”

     During the worst dancer contest I sat quietly in my chair expecting to enjoy watching this event.  How wrong I was.  As the music started, I saw, out of the corner of my eye, my five-year-old son approaching.  Hoping that he was tired from standing so long, I patted the chair next to me and pointed for him to sit down. 

     He approached me and said, “Dad you need to come up front because you can win this contest no problem.” Then he hugged me, so off to the front I went.  After the contest, which I did not win, several of my friends pointed out to me that I was obviously overlooked because I deserved to win hands down.

     There was a really great point to the worst dancer contest though.  It wasn’t really about how well or poorly you danced.  The contest was about being comfortable with who you are.  God made us all as individuals, each with our own gift and talents, to be used to make a difference in his name.      

     After the concert the band hung around in the lobby talking with everyone and signing autographs.  It was a great opportunity for fellowship for the band members and the people attending.   This can be best summed up by Alabaster Box’s key message of the night, “It is not about us, it’s about Jesus” and all the glory is His.

For more information about Alabaster Box please go to their web site at

For more information about Manchester Christian Church please go to their website at

For more information about Grace Capital Church please go to their website at

This article has been updated from the August 28th version.


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