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MCC Mucks Out for New Hampshire Families

Posted by gshstudy on October 27, 2006

     Volunteers from Manchester Christian Church and Bedford Community Church gave up their Saturday for the chance to be the hands and feet of Christ and muck out homes damaged by flooding.  There was no pay or benefits except the most important benefit of all, bringing the light of Jesus into the lives of people by supporting them in their time of need.

     Four months after the flooding in New Hampshire more than 30 families are still struggling to rebuild their lives.  They are facing overwhelming challenges to clean and repair their homes from flood damage and are grateful for any assistance they can get.

     After he found out everyone was a volunteer, one homeowner exclaimed, “Amazing!  It is so tough to stand here and watch people not only giving of themselves but they do it without complaining about anything.  On my way to work, I have trouble getting someone to let me pull onto the highway, yet here are people giving up their Saturday.  It is just amazing. ”

     One of the challenges the “muckers” faced was working in their safety equipment.   I had difficulty just putting mine on let alone trying to work in one as the others did.  The equipment includes a tyvek suit to protect the volunteers from the mold and spores and a breather mask, which you have to remove every half an hour because of the carbon dioxide buildup.

     There was a lot of equipment, time and sweat that went into mucking a house but the difference that it made was priceless. During this time there was an awesome outpouring of emotion, not just about what had been lost, but about the joy that was felt when you see someone helping people in need. 

      “Sometimes I pretend we are camping,” a younger resident said, a sad look beginning to cloud her face.  “But sometimes, I look out the window, see our house and I know we are not camping.”  But the look of pure joy on someone’s face at seeing so many people turn up to help fix up their home, made the whole day worth while.


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