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Purpose Driven Life – Day 16 Question to Consider

Posted by gshstudy on September 26, 2006

Day 16 – Honestly, are relationships my first priority?  How can I ensure that they are?

I would like to think they are for me.  And I think a fair amount of the time I act as though they are.   But I also do things that are pretty selfish which would seem to go against having relationships as a top priority.  I have noted in past writings how I can be a bit argumentative.  That would also seem to point out that relationships are not my top priority as most of the things I have argued about are pretty pointless and in the grands scope of things are not worth the time I made someone else spend on them.

I also have a lot of trouble talking to people.  It’s not shyness or something like that, but whenever I say something it seems to come out wrong and has made me pretty self consience about what I say.  It seems to happen a lot less when I write to people which is why I ussually communicate via email rather then call people.  Guess it is worth noting as how hard I find relationships in general.

But as to how to ensure that relationships are a top priority, this one eludes me. 

Post a comment if you have any suggestions but I am at a loss for this one.


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