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Man in the Mirror Chapter 4 Questions 5 through 7

Posted by gshstudy on September 21, 2006

5) What is the difference between self-gratification and significance?

Self-gratification is doing something to please yourself.  Where as Significance is something that can still make you happy but it also has an beneficial impact on the well-being of others.  Another way to put would be that Self-gratification is loving ones self, while Significance is “Love others as you Love yourself.” (Galatians 5:14 Living Bible)

6) What Martin Luther did was simply to live out his conscience.  Why do you think more men don’t do the same?

Pressure!!  Pressure to fit in, to be successful (whatever you define as successful).  Pressure to not do anything that would disrupt their lives or the lives of those they are close to.  It can also be pressure that is well intentioned to protect someone but in the end still may not have been the “best” choice or or the most conscientious.

7) What would you do differently if you decided to be another Martin Luther, one of this generation’s handful of faithful men?

Tough question.  I honestly don’t see myself as a Martin Luther.  Which I think brings up a key that is another problem with this question, I don’t think someone decides to be a Martin Luther.  But, if called to that life, I would want to do what Martin did, pray a lot about the decisions to be made each step of the way.


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