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Sick for the past few days

Posted by gshstudy on September 18, 2006

     Some kind of nasty stomach virus which unfortunately my wife now has:( I will start writing again tomorrow.  My plan is to finish the last part of chapter 4 of Man in the Mirror and then I will be only covering these chapters as I go through the book with my small group.  This will stop for 6 weeks as our entire church is going to be doing 40 Days of Community, the next step in the Purpose Driven Church series.  This starts October 15th.

     I hope to have finished reading The Purpose Driven Life by then.  I will probably do 4 more questions out of that book which will only leave me 22 chapters to cover in about 27 days.

     So, I just got back my copy of Everybody’s Normal Till You Get To Know Them, by John Ortberg.  I didn’t expect to have it back for a while so I am going to be reading this one and then going to The Secret Message of Jesus by Brian McLaren.   


One Response to “Sick for the past few days”

  1. Lisa said

    Oh my god! that stomach thing is horrible!!! It ripped through the xray department about a month ago. So much so that infection controll had to do an investigation. Hope you guys feel better soon.

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