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Man in the Mirror Chapter 4 Questions 1 through 4

Posted by gshstudy on September 14, 2006

1) A man’s greatest need is his need to significant? 

Whether it is cars, work, helping in the community, faith, marriage, school or sports, I believe men want to be significant.  Now is it the greatest need? That I’m not sure of.  It certainly is for many guys that I know.

2) The difference in men is in how they go about satisfying their need to be significant, Agree or Disagree? 

I think this is pretty straight forward too. Obviously men have different ways of satisfying this need.

3) How do you keep score?  At the end of the day, how do you measure whether or not it has been a successful day?

My measure, “How much I have made a difference in other peoples lives”.  In fact, I often reflect on this very thing during some of the longer and more drawn out meetings I am involved with daily.  I measure the amount of time spent against how many people lives I could have made a difference in over the same amount of time. 

4) How did you score in the game of tens?  What truth does this game underscore?

I did really lousy in the first 5 questions, except for the Presidents.  The next four I nailed out of the park, a home run!!  I believe it underscores the importance of Friends and Family over the Rich and Famous.  It also place the value of what is important in life and what people oftent think may be important.


One Response to “Man in the Mirror Chapter 4 Questions 1 through 4”

  1. Lisa said

    While in those meetings you are making a difference in peoples lives. You may not be feeding the homeless or finding homes for orphans, but by being in that meating you are helping to make your companies product better. That makes your company stronger, and helps increase pay for employees, provide more jobs, your clients have a better product to help them out, and you are earning a paycheck to take home and provide for your family. See so even in the most boring meeting you are helping people.

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