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Man in the Mirror Chapter 3 Question 3 and 4

Posted by gshstudy on September 11, 2006

3) In what ways have you pursued the values of personal peace and affluence?

I was originally starting to write of how affluence never really effected me and personal peace was just a passing phase of my youth.  But who would I be kidding.  Even though it is less then it was in the past, they both still effect me and I struggle sometimes to remember were my focus should be.

I have noticed that during the last year the “affluence bug” has been biting a lot less.  To be completely honest, I would rather be hanging around chatting with one of my brothers or sitting and writing then at the store buying new gadgets.  But every once and a while it still hits. 

For my last birthday I couldn’t wait to get a new portable mp3 player.  Now I could listen to music anywhere.  Except I discovered after a day or two that the only place I didn’t already have access to music was riding on my motorcycle.  Still determined that the mp3 player was important I bought portable headphone to wear in my helmet.  They hurt and fell out while riding.

However, stlill took another week to conceed that not only did I not need the mp3 player, but I didn’t even have a use for it.  I just wanted it because everyone I knew had one.

4) Are you more financially successful than your parents?  Is the quality of your personal life more successful than your parents? Why or why not?

I have been thinking over this question for a few days and have decided that I just don’t like it.  I don’t really feel comfortable comparing myself to anyone let alone my parents.  If I had to ask the question do I feel that I am financial successful, my answer would be success enough.  As to the quality of my personal life, I would say not completely successful yet but I am still in training.  At least it is a lot better than it was a year ago so that is a start.


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