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Man in the Mirror Chapter 3 Question 1 and 2

Posted by gshstudy on September 7, 2006

1) Think of a Christian couple having marriage problems.  In what ways do you think their conformity to cultural values has contributed to their struggles?

I have been either very blessed or just plain oblivious because I cannot think of a single Christian couple that I know of that has been having marital problems.  However, I do know that conforming to cultural norms and peer pressure can cause challenges in relationships and if these challenges are left unresolved, they will eventually lead to problems.

2) Dr. Francis Schaeffer says that modern society has two impoverished values: personal peace and affluence.  Do you agree with Dr. Schaeffer? Why or why not?

I partially agree with Dr. Schaeffer.  I believe that personal peace is on the rise.  We seem less interested in being involved in other people’s lives and problems.  At a recent outreach event that I was at, someone commented on how amazing it was that people would give up their Saturday to help someone in need that they didn’t even know. It can be a challenge these days just to get someone to let you pull into traffic.

I think the affluence has gone down somewhat since the 80’s but you still see that too.  Some people still have to work all those extra hours to get that cool new tech toy or that styling sports utility vehicle sometimes at the expense of their families.


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