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Purpose Driven Life – Day 10 and Day 11 Questions to Consider

Posted by gshstudy on September 4, 2006

Day 10 – What area of my life am I holding back from God?

My health would be the one area that I tend to hold back or certainly not lean on God.  A women I work with comments often on how many different ways I have tried to lose weight (all have failed horribly I might add).  Each week I come up with some new scheme that will work this time.  In reflecting over this question I realize that it is one of the areas I have never even tried to ask God for help on.

In my mind I have just figured that eventually I will try something and it will work.  In other areas of my life such as work, family, prayer time, studying, writing and friendships, I have asked God to be involved in all those things.  But the food, that is like my piece to hold onto and do whatever I want to.  My wife has also tried to help me with this in the past, but I have brushed that advice to the side in favor of sticking to my old habits. 

This is definitely an area were I need to start praying and invite God in to help me.

Day 11 – What can I do to remind myself to think about God and talk to him more often throughout the day?

There are a few things I do to remind myself of this:

1.  I put prayer reminders in Outlook, both at work and at home.  For the most part I am around a computer all day long so this one works out real good for me.

2. I print off Bible verses or Christian writings onto 8×10 sheets and frame them and hang them at work or at home (OK my wife prints them and hangs them at home).This is more of a spontaneous reminder when someone happens to walk by.

3. I carry around 5 poker chips which have a Bible verse paraphrased with a “poker” twist and then the location of the verse in the Bible.  For example one says “Take the SURE BET, JESUS” Roman 10:9-10.  I don’t have all the verses memorized (Memorizing is not one of my strong suits, ok bad pun) but I do know the jist of most of them and when I put my hands in my pocket or hear them clacking together when I am walking, I am reminded to include God in that moment and it is about his Glory and the saving grace of his son.


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