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Reflecting on my journey in Christ

Man in the Mirror Chapter 2 Question 5, 6

Posted by gshstudy on August 23, 2006

5) There are two yous: the visible you that is known by others and the real you that is known only by God. Agree or Disagree and Explain your Answer.

For me, I think are definitely two yous because there is a side of me that no one ever sees.  I think we all have things from our pasts that we keep sealed tightly away from the world, but it is very important to remember that God can see those.  And he loves us just the same.

6) Are you willing to allow God to show you yourself as you really are?  What are some of the things you might find out about yourself?

This has been an ongoing process for me for the past 10 months.  Some of the things I have noticed is that I get very argumentative with people and it probably gets out of hand too often.  I can also have a really bad temper and yell to much.  But God has also shown me how to work on these and he has blessed me with a very patient wife who reminds to work on these.

**As I have really covered the answer to No. 7 more or less above, I am going to skip that one.


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