Reflections in Christ

Reflecting on my journey in Christ

Man in the Mirror Chapter 2, Questions 4

Posted by gshstudy on August 17, 2006

4) Are you the kind of person who gives thought to the why questions of life, or are you content with life as it is?  What are some of the risks of leading an unexamined life?

I’m definitly a “think of the why” kind of guy.  I know that I am here for a purpose, I just haven’t figured out exactly what that is yet.  But I am learning more about it every day.  Not to long ago I would not have really been asking why, I would have been content to just roll along.  To me some of the risks in doing that are:

  1. No real motivation to grow as a person.  I was hearing a lot about spiritual transformation and I remember really wanting to do that.  Just not willing to take the time to examine my life first
  2. Unable to find real Joy.  Our growth is part of the real joy of the universe.
  3. A tendancy to make the same mistakes over and over since they are not examined honestly and therefore do not change.

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