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World Trade Center – Movie Reaction – Part 1

Posted by gshstudy on August 11, 2006

Like so many people, I remember were I was.  Walking through the hospital to visit my father who had quintuple by-pass surgery the day before.  As I walked through the hospital I just felt that something was wrong.  I passed by the waiting room and noticed everyone gathered around the TV set, but I didn’t think twice about it. 

When I got to the floor my dad was on and as I wallked the hall to his room, I noticed in every room I passed people were watching those little hospital tvs.  Now that was weird.  When I got to the room my mom told me about the first tower being hit by the plane, and moments after she said it, tower two was hit, right there on tv.

Stunned, overwhelmed, sickened and scared, don’t begin to do justice to how I felt.  During the day I began to hear stories from friends and family.  My Cousin was suppose to meet some customers of his at the WTC.  He was just getting off the subway when people fleeing the building came pouring down and he decided to turn around and ride the subway out of there.  Or one of my friends whose company was based out of the WTC and was suppose to be there for a meeting.

World Trade Center the movie brought back many of those feelings.  The movie plays out in such a way that you feel like you are participating in the movie rather then watching it.  One young man at the theatre mentioned he had to “keep looking to the left and right just to remember that he was in a theatre.”

At several points in the movie I jumped or was startled by a creak or the sound of a rock slipping, just waiting for something to happe.  The tower collapse scenes put you right in the middle of it and makes the movie a shared experience that you will never forget.

More tomorrow…..


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