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Man in the Mirror Chapter 1, Questions 1 and 2

Posted by gshstudy on August 4, 2006

1) “Most men are caught up in the rat race”. Agree / disagree and why?

I agree, most men are caught up in the rat race.  Fancy cars, Fancy houses.  We want everything to be bigger, better and faster then what we currently have.  And once we get the better item, we just want something even better.

2) If the Rat Race is an unwinnable race, why do you think so many men run in it? What are they trying to accomplish?

I think part of it is society/family/friends expectations.  We believe that if we don’t, we will be viewed as failures by those around us.  By being “successful” we create a sense of validation and purpose to what we are doing.  I think another part is to be impressive.  Whether it is “getting the girl” or showing off to ones friends just to look Cool, we want to be the winners of the “Rat Race”


4 Responses to “Man in the Mirror Chapter 1, Questions 1 and 2”

  1. Lisa said

    I do not think the rat race is unwinable, I think you just need to base winning on what you need in life not what you want.
    Happy healthy family?
    A place to call home?
    A sence of safety and trust in the people closest to you?
    With those things you win, everything else is just toppings on the cake of life.

  2. gshstudy said

    I agree that what you listed is very important in life. I probably should have clarified the Rat Race better. It is a comparison or “race” against those around us. A common phrase from the “rat race” would be “He who dies with the most toys wins.”

    Thanks for your thoughts and I hope to hear more as I keep writing.

  3. Lisa said

    I understand the common “rat Race” meaning, I just dont think that the common meaning is what people realy race for any more.

    Think about it:
    You have a choice of a huge mansion with every possible toy/gadget but you are alone.
    You have a modest home,with a few things and family and loved ones.

    I think most people would race for the second option now.

    Besides even if you go by the common meaning, it still can be won and has look at Bill Gates. Beautiful wife, So much money that he actually has to give it away, I bet he has all the new toys, hell he is responcible for most of the new toys.

  4. Ed said

    1) I agree that our culture has certainly developed a drive for attainment that is not easily sated. I can remember growing up that mobil phones were a toy of the wealthy. A large, clunky device that usually was bound to the person’s car. Now mobile phones are common place, and I don’t have one. Do I need one? No. Do I want one? No. I know someone’s daughter probably wants one and certainly would voice that she needs one. It’s a symbol of attainment. Keeping up with the neighbors. In a way, being phoneless among a peer group with phones certainly could lead to a person feeling like an “other.” This is the anxiety of being separate, different, from other people. In this way, I think the drive to attain is really the drive to be better than, or at least the same as(or indistinguishable from) the peers that we value. Is this winnable? Sure. Does winning it lead to solid, everlasting fulfillment? No, nothing does. Does that thought scare people into running the race faster? I would bet that it does.

    2) I think I responded to this one in #1! How efficient of me.

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