Reflections in Christ

Reflecting on my journey in Christ

If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat . . . Chapter 10

Posted by gshstudy on March 27, 2006

1. I would characterize my worship at this time as quite a blessing. Through song, pray and other activities like Band of Brothers, I feel I am really able to express my thanks and to God.

2. One of the big jumps in understand of God getting bigger is the first time I sat and listened to the Left Behind series on Dramatic Audio. Each time I listen to it, I realize more and more how awesome a God we all have and how we need to share in that gift.

3. Right now, God is definitly getting bigger for me.

4. Spend more time in group prayer. I am not very comfortable praying in group prayer and this is an area that could use some God magnification.

5. If I could ask God to do one thing in my life, I would want to know what he needs me to do, why I am here, and how it would be best to proceed.


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