Reflections in Christ

Reflecting on my journey in Christ

If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat . . . Chapter 8

Posted by gshstudy on March 25, 2006

1. The place were my mind drifts often varies from day to day in a big way. Some days I feel concerned or discouraged and others I feel great joy and hope. I try to focus on the joy and hope most of the days but I am not always as good at it as I wish I was.

2. The one source that seems to be most damaging to my hope level is the annoying things that go on at work. I need to learn to let them go because over all work is a great environment.

3. The one that feeds my hope the most is my wife. She lifts me up everytime I feel worn down. Also, my children, friends and Band of Brothers also feed my hope.  There have also been several books such as this on and others by John Ortberg, several by Brian McLaren and The Left Behind Series have also been very helpful in building my hope and joy.

4. Easy, I will just spend more time with my wife and less time at work:) Seriously though, there doesn’t seem to be much to change at the moment, but who knows what the future holds.

5. Spending time with Jesus is becoming an ongoing and increasing activity. I want that more and more.


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