Reflections in Christ

Reflecting on my journey in Christ

If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat . . . Chapter 5

Posted by gshstudy on March 12, 2006

1. I have learned a great deal from my problems of the past. Many of my problems come from a lack of focus which is only natural for someone with ADHD. However, I think God has used these time to also show me the advantages of ADHD and thus I learn from the challange.

2. My “Rocky Mountain” at the moment is my future career and education goals. My biggest fear in all that is the how will I afford it and how will I make enough to pay the bills when I am done.  I know this is watching the lillys of the fields, but it is a challenging hurdle to get over.

3. My resiliency factor is quite high were my rockies are concerned. I have to wait till it is the right time, make sure I am doing it the right way and then let God handle the rest.

4. Oddly enough, on this issue I have moved from being passive to taking control. The message Greg gave today at LCC really reminded me that I have to keep pushing on and going in the right direction.

5. When there are lots of problems or stress, my greatest vulnerablility is to be depressed and give up. Tell myself I took on too much and that I never should have tried.

6. If God were to speak to me on my area of greatest concern, I hope he would say keep the faith and stay with it because I am with you!


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