Reflections in Christ

Reflecting on my journey in Christ

So Many Options

Posted by gshstudy on February 1, 2006

Class is going great. Each week I can’t wait for it to start and before I know it, it’s over. I have learned so much from Dan over the past few weeks, and not just about Thessalonians. So many life lessons like the use of names and how to study and read, and what are we here for. And each thing I learn, in turn creates more questions to learn about. The mark of a great teacher.

I still have to talk to Bob about my plans. He wanted to give me some advice based on my thoughts of it this past week. I got some information from LCCS, but I would have to go there physically for 1-2 years and I am not sure that would work. There are a couple of other options such as LBC and OCC that look the most promising. The searching and prayer continue.

I sometimes feel if I don’t go off and do something soon I will just burst. But then I remember it is on God’s time table not mine. Though that patience is really, really hard.


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