Reflections in Christ

Reflecting on my journey in Christ

If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat . . . Chapter 2

Posted by gshstudy on January 30, 2006

1. At the time I originally wrote this, the greatest gift that God has given me is my ability to teach. However, I have discovered a gift for writing which I am currently developing.

2. The area of my life were I am experiencing the most growth would my home life. We have started studing the Bible and reading together and just getting to know what we are all about and what we strive to be.

3. Right now, I don’t feel much danger of being a boat potato at all. However, in a few months, when the newness wears off and things seem to be in a routine, that is when I might start to rest on boat, and stop taking chances.

4. The biggest reason I might bury my treasure and miss the chance of a lifetime is complacensy. I am a creature of habit and often prefer that things remian the same. I would rather that those that I am close to always stay near by.  This has also been one of my biggest challanges over the past 5 years, wanting people to follow the path I choose rather then following the Lords path.  Sometimes people are called to travel or move and I have always wanted them to stay if I was close to them. That has changed however and I look to see what God is having them do rather then what I would.

5. The biggest step I can take today so that I can review the film of my life later with minimal regret is to put my trust in Jesus. It is probably the hardest step to do. But it is the most rewarding.  Each day becomes a joy filled exciting adventure.


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