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Taking Step 1 – Sign-up for my first class

Posted by gshstudy on January 5, 2006

I have signed up for my first class, I & II Thessalonians through Restoration House Ministries. It is a 2 credit college course but I haven’t figured out whether to take it for college credit or just audit it. I am leaning toward the credit route as long as it doesn’t require too much running around. I am a little nervous, but oh so confident that I am headed in the direction God wants me to go in.

I have been reviewing colleges for a degree program. There is no college locally that I can get any kind of Ministry degree at so I am limited to online locations. My first choice probably would have been Lincoln Christian College but they do not offer an online program that I can find. I would like to try and narrow the list down by the end of the month, before I go on vacation.


2 Responses to “Taking Step 1 – Sign-up for my first class”

  1. lexy said

    please and thank you i hope that this will work so i can sign up for a first class thank you

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